KARACHI: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, on Saturday said that government would do its best to address the grievances of the people of Balochistan, reported the official news agency.

Gilani was talking to media after holding an hour-long meeting with seasoned Baloch leader Sardar Ataullah Khan Mengal here at his residence. Mengal was the first eve elected chief minister of Balochistan in early 19703. When his government was forcefully removed by late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, a deadly war of resistance had been initiated by Baloch tribesmen which was brutally crushed by the country’s strong military.

The Prime Minister said that his meeting with Sardar Ataullah Mengal was long overdue and this time he took the opportunity to meet him.

He said that Sardar Ataullah Mengal briefed him about the problems of the people of Balochistan which included the issue of missing persons as well as under-development of various areas of the province.

The Prime Minister assured that the federal and provincial governments would make joint efforts for the development and prosperity of the people of Balochistan.

He further said that he would also ask the Chairman of the Implementation Committee of the Parliament, Senator Raza Rabbani, to meet the Baloch leaders as well as elected leaders of Balochistan to apprise them of the benefits of provincial autonomy extended through the enactment of the 18th Constitutional Amendment.

When asked about his meeting with other Baloch leaders, the Prime Minister categorically said that he was prepared to meet all the political leaders even those living abroad as and when they return to their homeland.

In the same context, he mentioned that during the tenure of his government not a single political leader or worker has been sent to jail.

With regard to the issue of target killings, he said that he had already instructed the Ministry of Interior to work out the modalities for the security of the citizens.

Sardar Ataullah Mengal thanked the Prime Minister for taking out time to meet him and to listen to his point of view.

Sardar Ataullah Mengal specially mentioned that Baloch people are as good Pakistanis as the people of other parts of the country.

As regards the problems of people of Balochistan, he stated that he has informed the Prime Minister about the problems and he would be looking forward for some visible change.


Quetta: Baloch nation is facing cruelity from 63 years. baloch nation has never accepted the rules of dictators like Musharaf, Zia ul haq and Ayub. the aim of rally was that the continuity of operation and missing persons is from 63 years.Dr Jahanzaib jamaldini, Habib jalib, javed baloch, agha hassan baloch, akhtar hussian langov abdul razzaq langov, jamila baloch, ghulam rasool mengal, khalid baloch, and others expressed their veiws in larg public rally in quetta. they said that operation and baloch ethnic killing and human rights voilation and  barbarity of the state. Baloch strugle for the right of self determination. when military dictator general musharaf, he started operation and martyred baloch leaders and baloch innocent baloch people and operation is still contiued and thousand of baloch youth are missing by intelligence agencies illegaly and uncontitutionally.they said that democratic government cant stop operation because they dont have the power to stop operation. today in a large public rally we proved that people of baloch are with balochistan national party and they condemed the government operation and other violation of human rights. Baloch national movement secular and progressive strugle for baloch people they strongly condemed the acid throwing on baloch ladies in dalbandin and kalat. Baloch is a secular nation and dont believe in religous extremism. Pakistani inteligence is envolve in this kind of activities. they said United Nation should take some action against this human violation against baloch.

Quetta dated 5th may 2010: “ Balochistan’s situation has crossed all limits. With the award of provincial autonomy, end of 37 year old concurrent list or the constitutional package sent through post would not console the Baloch youths.  The youths are seen on roads fighting for their freedom.  Responsibility for deteriorating the circumstances in Balochistan does not lie on Baloch people but it goes to same establishment who separated Bengal considering it a burden. The situation in Balochistan has aggravated to an extent that veterans like me cannot redress it.” These views expressed in telephonic conservation with ‘Online’ by veteran leader Sardar Attah Ullah khan Mengal after a meeting with Punjab’s chief minister Mian Shebaz Shrif.

Sardar Attaullah khan Mengal told further that on the request of Punjab Chief Minister a detailed meeting held with him. He was here for help to stop target killing in Balochistan who was told the worst of the circumstances were cautioned long before. Now the four or five veterans would not be able to control it. The people on the helm of affairs  did not bother about our forethoughts and as such a leader like me cannot cool down feelings of the Balochi masses.

Upon another question Sardar Mengal said that there was no a sign of governance in federation nor in province. In the province chief minister and heavy cabinet have been green signaled to plunder the wealth of the nation therefore they have no time to control worsening situation in the province. About the federation he remarked that Zardari  is busy to accumulate wealth “Zar” and non bothered about the circumstance.

He said further that Mian Sahib was told clearly that a small country like Vietname could not be controlled by a supper power like America then how can Pakistan could be able to oppress Balochistan. The people at the helm of affairs must hold dialogue with youth fighting for freedom on the roads.  On another question Mengal replied that who provoked the Balochi People on target killing. Their kith and kins are put under operation and bombardment killing then how can they welcome with banquets. As a consequence they would revenge from any where they could. 
He said further that in his own village scores of agencies agents are roaming with weapons. They kidnap American trawlers, operate kidnapping, murdering and looting non can stop them. He remarked that agencies have held the province as experiment laboratory. About a question about constitutional package he remarked that he had hate for the government for bluffing continuously. The people demand freedom and they announced an end of 37 year old concurrent list. He said that either they deem us as foolish or themselves they very foolish as they failed to understand traditions of Balochi people and wanted to please them with a constitutional packet sent through postage.  He cautioned to government that if they intend to dialogue they must do with the youths fighting for their freedom in the streets.



QUETTA, Jan 12: Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal) on Tuesday took out rallies in different towns of Balochistan including Quetta to protest the incidents of alleged target killing of Balochs in Karachi and demanded for immediate end of operation against them.

In Quetta, a protest rally led by Sajjid Tareen, the Vice President party marched through different streets of the city and culminated into a public meeting at Manan Chowk.

Participants of rally were carrying placards and banners bearing different demands. They were also shouting anti-MQM slogans.

Addressing on the occasion, Sajjid Tareen Advocate condemned the killing of innocent Balochs in Karachi with strong words and alleged that agents of secret agencies were forcing Baloch people to quit their historical land.

He said that rulers were trying to suppress Balochs. “We want to unmask the real face of rulers before the world who are oppressing Balochs and forcing them to quit their historical land”, he added.

BNP leader alleged that through a conspiracy massacre of Bengalis were carried out in 1970 but Bangladesh emerged as an independent country and conspirators lost their existence there.

He said that the history was being repeated in the guise of Muttahida Qaumi Movement and added that earlier Pashtoons and Sindhs were targeted and now the same conspirators were targeting Balochs.

Meanwhile, protest rallies were also taken out in other towns of Balochistan including Khzudar, Hub, Nushki, Mastung to condemn the killing of Balochs in Karachi by the activities of MQM.

They demanded of both the federal and Sindh governments to make impartial probe into the incidents and bring the culprits to justice.